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These are some of the things we need to develop as a nation.

Ghana can develop like the western countries. After all, it is human beings who are managing the affairs of the developed countries.

Some of the developed countries do not have a fraction of Ghana's natural resources yet, they're far ahead. Some of the developed countries are not as religious as Ghana but they're far gone in terms of development.

It only boils to the fact that Ghana is not being managed properly. There are many things we can do as a country in other to be counted among the develop countries in the world.

Firstly, we need to embrace change in our mode of governance. Our leaders are always towing the same lines that have failed the country in the past. There is nothing new after a change of government. Politicians make the same promise which fail mostly. It is because they're not down to earth.

Industrialisation is a great way to succeed as a country. Ghana has so many raw materials for feeding many countries. But there are no better factories in Ghana to process the cocoa, gold and others into finished goods. Many cocoa farmers are not getting anything from their produce because Ghana cannot process cocoa into any finished good.

Technical ane vocational education is what the country needs most. The old system of memorizing theories cannot develop the country. People go to school to spend years in memorizing mere theories and nothing important to show after graduation.

But with technical and vocational education, the youths of the country can be self employed. Nobody will be jobless after completing university. There are youths roaming the streets in search for nonexistent jobs. The government has refused to provide jobs but keep siphoning huge amounts of money from youths in the name of school fees.

Ghana has to embrace the contemporary technology. We are still using the primitive and ancient methods of life. Elsewhere, school children are taught how to use the computer in real life. But in Ghana, you're only told what computers are used for. If you're lucky, the teacher shows you a picture of the computer.

How can Ghana develop with such education? As some learners elsewhere are taught programming, we are taught how to draw cockroaches and label the parts! Can you imagine that!

Since independence, Ghana is still like a baby which has just recovered from an illness! Our system of doing things is causing retardation instead of the needed progress. The youths of Ghana have to take their futures personal, as we pray for Ghana.

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