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He is An Economist And She is An Educationist, Now Who Features A Veep

To be a public servant, you are expected to portray certain amount of features and also meet some standards. Now the battle becomes the Lord's, why do I asked?

It has been revealed that being an economist is not a prerequisite for the position of a vice president. Now who has the needed skills to be a Vice President; Dr Mahamudu Bawumia or Prof Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang?

Wow! Must it be that the NPP is feeling very thereatened by the NDC's choice of running mate,Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, so much that they are doing their utmost to discredit and undermine her, is that really the case? As believe by the NDC.

The latest jab that she is incapable of heading the Economic Management Team (EMT) because she is not an economist, now who features it,if so? And stems from the ground that the vice president must be an economist(or a candidate that has practiced economics at some level).

The position requires some one who's strengths lie in managing people, and it is fueled by genuine care for the welfare of all constituents-in this case, the people of Ghana. What does it require to manage the affairs of people?

Good management expertise at the helm of government is what is required -coupled with the intelligence to understand issues and solutions,quick decision making skills and a driven person who is an achiever.

An individual who has been at the helm of affairs in well managed institutions, has had exposure and experience of managing people and crises,risen through the ranks and has the know-how to get a job done;precisely the sort of candidate professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang or Doctor mahamudu Bawumia,who possesses that?

Must it be said that neither Dr Bawumia nor Prof Naana Jane is most certainly not the yardstick of a great Vice President? Their pedigree and what they have brought to the table are certainly what Ghanaians anticipate? and that's a fact! Personally I think their individual services to the nation is far more than comprehension and even more prepared to be given the nod. Now who has rendered quality service and also prepared to serve Ghanaians well when giving the nod?

He is an Economist and she is an Educationist,Now who features a Veep and why?

Are such utterances propagandas or true? Is it true that to be able to serve well as a public servant or to be a vice president despite your level of education you must have Economic background?

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