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She Dropped Out of School at 19 and Married The President for 73 Years and Had Another President

Speaking of the first lady, many Americans are necessarily up Barbara bush in the mind first names, is different from the former first lady Nancy Reagan intervening in government relations, it is also different from the present Melanie, the tall gorgeous trump, Barbara wouldn't intervene too much in the work of her husband, bush during his term, Barbara is also already a gray-haired old lady, and why she should Barbara was married to George h.w. For seventy-three years, Bush, their son, wrote in his novel, "our family has witnessed the most wonderful love in the world." And it all began when they first met as teenagers.

Barbara met the elder bush in a festival dance in 1941, just 16 years old, Barbara's father is the press owner, decent living conditions, caring parents, let Barbara grow into an ambitious little princess. The elder Bush was friendly, too. Let two fantastic young people near in a mixed setting, love at first sight. Bush enlisted in the army during World War II after a short courtship. For his courage and combat exploits as a torpedo bomber pilot, he was awarded the flying cross.

Barbara continued her studies at school, and they never seemed to abandon each other even though they were thousands of miles apart. George H.W., after surviving the battle of Pearl Harbor, His airplane was called "Barbara," by Bush, as if to feel that the girl he loved was still with him. He eventually returned home from the battlefield because of a profound miss for his lover. 1945, with the removal of George H.W. Barbara, 19, fell out of school and married George H.W. Uh, bush. After the wedding, George H.W. Though Barbara was devoted to the family and took care of the family's life, Bush started to invest in his own business. George H.W., five years later. As he was still studying at Yale University, Bush's investment in the oil industry was booming.

Many people might believe that the Bush family brought Barbara's "first lady" aura, but the opposite is true in my view, because of Barbara's lifetime of commitment to the brilliant past of the bush family today. The elder bush wrote to Barbara, "I may have climbed the highest mountain in the world, but none so high as my husband, Barbara,"

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