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Oliver Baker - We Need People Who Are Willing To Give It All Up To Change The Face Of This Nation

The same way people ask me to quit because of the abuse or that it’s too hard or impossible; that’s the same way our leaders have come to accept that they can’t come and kill themselves. 

Intelligent people give up all the time. Put them in a government and they will balk at how difficult it is to confront systems of oppression and dysfunction. They will adopt a managerial attitude and just “manage what they came to meet like that”.

We need disruption in our politics. Unfortunately, most of the people the system elevates are those “highly educated people” who even when out of Government, will never take a bold stand to criticize any Government, because they don’t want to jeopardize a potential appointment or that they don’t want to be seen as “a trouble maker”. 

They want to be able to hang out with the Finance Minister and get invited to social clubs of the same structures that hold our country in poverty. 

Unless we understand that bold characters who are actuated by a sense of justice and urgency are what it takes for any system to reform our country will never be fixed.

We need people who are willing to give it all up to change the face of this nation. That’s what defined Thomas Sankara. That’s the spirit that defined Nkrumah. 

Do not let your passion or the fire in you ever dim. We need it to change the world.

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Oliver Baker


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