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Ghana Must Apologize To John Mahama Because Akuffo-Addo's Leadership Is Not Different

I sincerely apologize to Ex-President John Dramani Mahama for being impatience towards your government. It's official that the current NPP administration is a useless course even more than your administration. They are a bunch of liars just like most politicians. Clearly clueless and myopic.

They blamed you for not being a listening leader and you agreed by passing the very infamous dead goat syndrome comment. King Promise and his administration --- their desperation for power designed a very good mechanism which easily fooled most Ghanaians into buying their BS. I know a lot of people want to speak up but are scared to be tagged as fools because they were played.

I have always maintained that Ghana will never prosper under political instability and visionless leadership. Aside Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor every other Ghanaian President has been nothing but very disappointing.

What I'm arriving at is that we will soon hit the 2024 polls and we might not have a suitable choice to properly steer the affairs of this country. Do we give the NDC a second chance or continue with this malaria of NPP administration.

The sad part is, we still have people who are so glued to political parties and will rather see the nation collapse than vote their party outta power. They will pounce on you for criticizing their political parties because to them every choice their party makes is synonymous with the choice of God himself. Please, let's work harder in this fast degrading economy and debt-infested country to pay these huge taxes on our heads. I'm begging you when you have a choice to choose between yourself and this country please do yourself a favor. This country is a lost course.

The disappointments caused among many Ghanaians who trusted this current administration are quite heartbreaking. I'm not a slave to any political party. Just a concerned citizen! Remember, don't be a spectator. Speak Up! Silent isn't always golden sometimes it is just clay.

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