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In Praise Of Fidel Castro Marxist Socialist Revolutionary Leader Of Cuba

Fidel Castro was a Revolutionary Marxist Socialist Leader and founder of modern Cuba. He together with dedicated young armed Cubans and few Latin American radicals , including famous Medical Doctor and Socialist Theoretician Che Guevara , waged Bush War to overthrow Batista Regime of Cuba in 1959.

Under Batista Leadeship Cuba became playing field for Rich Amercan Tourists and display of decadent American Culture.

Gambling , Prostitution and Drinking became magnets for high heeled Europeans and Americas. Cubans worked at menial jobs in Hotels , Gambling Houses and Theaters and other Entertainment Industry and businesses owned by Multi-National Western Companies.

Cubans were not offered significant Educational opportunities. Many were unskilled and at bottom echelons of Society.

Poverty , diseases and lack of affordable housing and good jobs were just common place. Whilst foreign visitors and nationals inside Cuba enjoyed every imaginable comfort and healthy good living at expense of Cubans.

Cuba is an Island Country seperated from mainland America by about 100 miles stretch of water.

Overthrow of pro-Capitalist American dictatorship of Batista ushered in a new Socialist Transformation of Cuban Society.

All private businesses and institutions were nationalized. And organized and controlled by the Communist Party , under able leadership of Comrade Castro and his band of Revolutionaries , on behalf of the Cuban State.

Major infrastructure developments took place. Many Housing Units , Institutions , Schools and Hospitals were constructed. Whilst training of Teachers , Medics and Doctors was accelerated. Civil Servants , Skilled Technical and Professional Officers were trained for New Socialist/Communist Cuba.

Within few years after removal of pro-Capitalist Government in 1959 , Cuba became Self Sufficient in many areas of nation building with generous Soviet Russian assistance in all basic spheres. Main Export Commodities initially were Cuban Cigars and Sugar Cane.

Great Success of the Revolution made Cuba Exporter of Highly Skilled Human Resources , especially Medics and Doctors , to other nations around the World. Including African , Latin American and Caribbean Countries.

On November 25 , 1916 a Giant Tree Fell unto fertile ground. Great Fidel died. Sane and Progressive Humanity mourned and celebrated Comrade Castro.

Castro was Christ Like. He liberated humankind from oppression. Gave them hope. And made them better. The man was humane. He defended all under Capitalist Exploitation. Commander Castro was revolutionary , selfless and did much for humanity.

In Cuba and around the Globe. Many regretted great loss of Great Moral Giant. Fidel represented great resistance to American impunity , immorality and dictatorship.

For over 50 years after the start of Cuban Revolution in 1959 he survived CIA attempts to murder him. CIA failed multiple times to destroy the Commander and his revolution in Cuba.

Instead the Cuban Revolution went deep into Africa , Latin America and elsewhere. To fight , help and liberate nations and peoples from Colonialism , Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism.

The Great Magnificent Tree has fallen on very fertile soil. It will continue to grow faster and become greater with many branches , fine and very sweet fruits. For all to take , eat and be nourished and very satisfied.

The Elegant , Mighty and Fruitful Tree will be there forever. To satisfy needs of humankind.

Viva Cuban Socialist Revolution. Viva Castro. Castro Never Dies. Fidel Castro Lives Forever and ever.

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