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Ghanaians are equal as you Manasseh Azure said to Government

Our country

Democracy today is a system of government, a system of life, democracy is for, about and with people, they added.

This means that democracies are governed with the help of the people In a democratic government, many people will always express their opinion. The public therefore acts as a watchdog for the ruling government.

Let's take a look at some of the tweets from Manasseh Azure, an active watchdog for governments at home and abroad. Manasseh Azure is an award-winning Ghanaian journalist and author.

Here are some of his tweets to the government.

They borrowed on our behalf and destroyed it. They insulted us when we complained. Now they cannot pay and want to forcibly confiscate our small personal savings to pay for what they have borrowed, stolen or hidden in foreign accounts. What can 184 million Cedis in the last 5 years not do?

If a Ghanaian journalist is caught filming Jubilee House, he will be abused and justified under the National Security Protocol. Caleb Kuda beaten for filming abandoned car at National Guard.

You have run out of business ideas. Your indecision creates uncertainty and a lack of confidence that could drive us deeper into redemption before we can reach a deal with the IMF. Team up with financial industry experts, researchers and stakeholders. Gather around and present your numbers honestly. Let them have their say on what they can cut and starve to keep the country running. Our bankers say they don't trust the government when we talk to them.Individual bondholders die. It's a life or death situation. No one knows what will happen next. At this point, many brains would be better than government alone. Hold impromptu meetings like centi with important people to listen to alternatives. Do it before it's too late. It's only going to get worse, act now

Unfortunately, this regime is not distinguished by truth. Disclosing storable ideas to other professionals is difficult, if not impossible.

At this point, it's important for most of them to have more money ready before they leave the office. Not good

The National Health Insurance Agency should investigate these kinds of cases when people have to pay or die.

We know that if our funds were well managed, it wouldn't be too expensive. Not long ago, the Comptroller General revealed that the government paid her more than 184 million Cedis.

In another shady congregational fumigation exercise, from health insurance companies to Zoomlions. I am aware of two other fumigation agreements between Zoomlion and government agencies currently being held at conferences. When 26 million Cedis can save many lives.

We are equally as you, help us.

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