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Bawumia Is The Strength Of The NPP (Opinion)

As a northerner, who grew up in the Akan land and has all the marks of a southerner and a robust command of the Akan languages inclusive of proverbs. What I learnt developing up is that People will hail you and be given you into their fold if you operate tremendously nicely in what you do and they will like to companion themselves with, even although they will now not have beneath ordinary circumstances.

I have lived with them, have schooled with them and have been like them most of my grownup lives. This is how they behave” If you are appropriate and they can take benefit of you, welcome, else you are this filthy stinky northerner. I have considered it in inter-marriages between the north and south and in many different areas. They used the Dagombas to combat wars for them in the olden days when they wanted them, however will nevertheless field them as “Tani, Pepe Ni, Nta fu?“ in a derogatory manner.

This is precisely the playbook that is been written in the NPP that my right brother Bawumia has fallen blind to. The NPP noticed Bawumia as a extremely good younger man that can be beneficial to them politically, and he is validated his really worth over and over once more to the admiration of Ghanaians. However, the proper screenplay of the NPP kingmakers is unfolding and will quickly be outdoored for the world to see. I have watched and admired how Bawumia step by step and meticulously advanced into the political limelight and now a family identify as the most nice vice president in the records of our country. The NPP authorities below the management of Nana and ably supported by means of Bawumia have accomplished pretty nicely to serve the excellent human beings of Ghana. I consider they are constructing the monetary fundamentals which have been lacking in our developmental records and therefore our lack of ability to growth as a country. However, they have suffered their personal element of Corruption and chop chop as any different African country.

The cause for this write-up has to do with dishonesty at the very best stage of NPP. During the run up to the 2016 elections, someplace in 2015, The NPP led through Nana held a collection of conferences involving the northern leaders, opinion leaders and humans who matters. Everyone is aware of that the three northern vicinity have been loyal to the NDC, thanks to Chairman Rawlings and his superb recognize for the human beings of the North, he laid down a high-quality basis for the NDC.

At these meetings, the message from the then candidate Nana was, “I am ancient and needs to be president for ONE time period and hand over to Bawumia your son”. I choose to win power, groom Bawumia and after four years, he will be prepared to lead our incredible u . s . a . on the Ticket of NPP. He swore and promised many times and pleaded with the North to assist him win election. Fast ahead 2016, Nana have made a entire 360degrees flip round and is going for a 2d term. What passed off to your promise? The powers have rubbished that concept and pressured Nana to in no way backout to assist Bawumia. The Akan element is lower back at play, they can't fathom how Bawumia, the “northerner” will lead the NPP.

Some informed Nana; if he is no longer going for walks then it is additionally now not the flip of Bawumia. The NPP supposedly have some management queue that humans ought to follow. Bawumia is way on the backside of that ladder in accordance to them. It’s no longer as if Nana is battle for Bawumia, it used to be all a massive lie, a scheme that Nana knew very properly of, that Northerner can by no means be allowed to lead the NPP party, they performed him massive time and he fell for it. Dishonesty in grand manner! In 2024 when Nana is carried out with his 8years, that is when Bawumia will see the full movie playing. His tough work and dedication to NPP would be thrown out. Will as an alternative ask him to be walking mate once more to their desired Akan candidate.

My brother is aware of this reality however his love for Ghana maintains him going and making positive the proper aspect is done. He is nevertheless humble and serving Ghana to the great of his abilities.

The Akans have a saying:

”Ahunu-bi-pon nti na so aserewa gyegye ne ba agoro a na wayi n’ani ato nky?n” see what took place to Aliu. “Obanyansafo y3bu no b3, y3nnka no as3m”

The NPP will proceed to seem down upon Northerners, it’s the identical parallel in USA the place the Blacks will continually be seen as inferior and are solely true to be used for the white agenda. My Brothers and sisters of northern Ghana, open your eyes and now not to be deceived with the aid of these dishonest People.

“A phrase to the sensible is NORTH”(enough)

Long live Ghana 

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