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She Is The Reason Why We Are Here – Kevin Taylor Fires NPP Big Wig’s Daughter In Law.

Election 2020 is over but there have been so much agitations as a result of the final pronouncement as announced by the Electoral Commission. The NDC are disgruntled and feel the results announced by the EC. They have showed their displeasure in protest, some which have turned into fighting with security personnel. 

Yesterday for instance hot water was poured on some NDC supporters who were protesting the results of the Elections close to the EC headquarters. However, what got Kevin Taylor fuming was what someone posted as the protests went on. He chastised Akosua Manu, former personal assistant to the First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo and now married to NPP’s Mac Manu’s son.

“NPP patriots are being called to the bar. NDC patriots are receiving a warm water bath because they are being misled.” Akosua Manu wrote.

“She was jobless and had nothing. Today she is excited that hot water is being poured on protestors. You feel no pain for your fellow human being. She feels so happy to write this. These are some of the people why we are criticizing the government. If we all want peace then, then statements like this shouldn’t come out.

You that you were nobody, today you are married to a politician’s son. She is the reason why we are here. We will continue criticizing the government because some people like Akosua Manu are being fed with taxpayers’ money to say whatever they want. We will not stop this work. As long as people like her are here, we will also be here to speak the truth” Kevin said.

Apparently, Akosua Manu did not think about the repercussions of what she wrote. Kevin however did not take likely to this and used the opportunity to bash the lady for inciting other people. Akosua realized her previous message sounded offensive and an hour later after posting posted this;

Who is right, Kevin or Akosua?

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