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Without Justice I Can't Forgive;Wife Of Militant Leader Killed By Conde Forces Calls Out Doumbouya

When authoritarian regimes refuse to handover power peacefully and engage in all sorts of manipulative acts to extend their stay in power and subsequently unleash violence to suppress dissenting views, it is the masses that suffers. The mothers are asking about the whereabouts of their sons and daughters, wives calling out names of their husbands and children looking for their parents. 

Who will respond to their questions and provide them with answers? The bullets which was fired at protestors made them bleed out and some died instantly, others sustain various degrees of injuries. Tell their relatives that they are no more, inform the kids that Daddy will not return home and whisper into mommy's ears that she will be burying her son.

What a day it has been in Guinea today, the 23rd of October 2021. This Saturday will be remembered by those who lost loved ones during the protest against the deposed President as a sad one taking into account what transpired when security forces launched an attack on unarmed civilians. Colonel Doumbouya sent a deputation to meet with families members at the Turkish mosque in Bambeto.

The sole aim of today's meeting is to make reconciliation with others. Next, is for forgiveness to be seek for those who have wronged. Making restitution is the way forward.

One of those family members present was the wife of a militant leader called Roger Bamba who objected the third term of President Alpha Conde. Bamba died in mysterious circumstances whiles in custody and the wife is calling out for justice.

In a bold statement to the delegation, the widow posited "All I can say to colonel Doumbouya is that before asking for forgiveness, I ask for justice first. Without Justice, I can't forgive. We can forgive but we want Justice first."

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