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See A Post That Is Making Waves On Social Media

Day in day out a lot of things happen in the country that you may not hear about them,. What I have come across today shows that most people do not care about how political leaders fail us. Follow, like, share and comment while you enjoy this gist.

A post on Facebook has been going viral which I would like you to share your views on it. What called for all these comments is that, someone posted a text that he wants a movie that will make him cry. This post captured many reactions. One of the comments has also attracted many people talking.

One of the commentators who goes by the name Ama Vida replied to the post that, he should play all the campaign promises by Nana Akufo-Addo and compare it to what he has delivered, it will make him cry more than he wants.

Following the comment made by Ama Vida, most Facebook users have also shared their thoughts. Some have noted that the work of Nana Addo in just four and half years is far better than the one of the NDC in eight years.

Some too have noted that he should play "yay3 mobo dodo" because that will make him cry more than he wants. One too noted that the best video that will make him cry is Asiedu Nketia in court without a single pink sheet. "When I read the promises made by Mahama, I feel like vomiting". One of the commentators noted.

Read some comments below.

What do you also think, which political video do you think will make the man cry very well? Drop your views in the comment box below and follow up for more interesting updates.

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