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Ghana's Covid19 vaccine: BBC equally labels Ghana as poor

Ghana is branded as poor by foreign media houses such as the BBC and Sky in the wake of receiving Covax vaccine is hard to take. It is hard to accept the fact at times as some Ghanaians have angrily reacted to what the foreign media houses claim.

One would imagine that Ghana and many other African countries like Nigeria would be counted as rich and developed at this moment in time. Unfortunately Ghana is still counted as one of the developing and poor countries.

It is not surprising that the BBC on 24th February 2021 also branded Ghana as among the poorer nations to receive Covid19 vaccines from the rich nations. As a Ghanaian, it hurts but it appears to have a deep rooted meaning to the country's development.

The country has fallen short of what the world's developed and rich countries consider to have in order to be counted as rich. Despite Ghana having vast amount of rich resources that should have enriched the country, Ghana still wallows in poverty and constantly goes begging.

It is high time Ghana and other African countries sit up and forge ahead with good policies and developmental plans so that in the near future, we can also be counted among the rich countries.

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