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Road Tolls Back; What Happens To E-Levy?

The finance minister Hon. Ken Ofori Atta presented the mid year budget to parliament on Monday. He touched on a number of issues. One key thing that came out very prominently was the reintroduction of road tolling system. The minister said road tolls will be introduced at newly constructed roads to raise revenue for their maintenance. This include the Accra-Tema highway when completed.

But Ghanaians didn't take kindly the action of government. Most of them took to Facebook to express their disappointment in the government. Check some comments below.

Darlington Moses: "This is what you should have done instead of removing it completely, thinking you will get cash from E-Levy. You forget that you are in a political competition with equal number of MPs in parliament. I don't think people will complain if you give them good new major roads with e-toll booth that will prevent people from stealing the money from the collection point. One mistake destroys all ur good works . Confused government."

Prince Amoako: "Such a wasteful President ever in the history of Ghana. Do you need rocket science to change the finance minister and reshuffle the economic management team? Ghana deserves better please."

Franklin Nana: "We want E-tolls. Under this government everything is electronic. You will talk true. When the government is incompetent, everything is confused."

Kojo Alorms: "So has the Minister who ordered its stoppage not caused financial loss to the state? I am sure they know how much revenue has been lost by that singular directive. We are fed up with this country."

Kwame Atakora: "These people are really clueless for everything they are doing. So now can we boldly say that the Road minister has caused financial loss to the state? Ghana is gradually fading off."

Osei Mensah: "Ghana is in a good hands. Road toll must be collected by private people who would build the road and maintain it. Please allow this government to introduce good policies. NDC only wants to do politics with everything."

Boamah Samuel: "Upon how incompetent you and your entire government are, we will still get Ghanaians who will still support them and say president and all the entire NPP government are doing well. Ghana really has a long way to go"

John Elorm Baidoo: "Why are they dodging? They should just go straight to the point. What purpose would the old tollbooths serve? We all know you goofed earlier so just announce a reintroduction of tolls. What's new roads?"

Larrice Gideon: "You can fool some people some times but you can't fool all people all the times. Now that I know clearly that you people are competing for the misleading position, Ghanaian citizens must now think thrice {not twice) before voting for some people to become their leaders."

Ampofo Solomon: "Confused government, you remember that you will be judged according to your deeds? That is why everything is scattered in your government you people have nothing for Ghanaians."

Road tolling was abolished during the presentation of 2022 budget to give way for E-Levy. Right after the reading of the budget, roads minister ordered immediate closure of all road tolls. Even though the speaker of parliament ordered him to reverse his directive, he never did.

Now that road toll has returned, the question on the lips of many is will E-Levy be abolished?

Take to the comments section to share your thoughts.

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