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Like Akuffo Addo In Ghana, Buhari Is Talking The Same -Berhard Mornah

Mr. Bernard Mornah who was the National Chairman of the People's National Convention(PNC) has blasted the president of the federal republic of Nigerian for saying that Nigerian youth should calm themselves to attract foreign investors.

Speaking on the Pan African Tv morning show, he said the issues Africa faces are as a result of bad leadership.

"Does Nigeria need any investment again? Nigeria with all the resources should be investing in other countries. Look, this is a country that produces oil in large quantity yet Nigeria continues to rely on generators and what have you. Instead of the government to establish power generating plants that ensure the people of Nigeria a continuous electricity, the government is not doing so"

Citing Rwanda and Tanzania as examples he said Nigeria could have done better but due to bad leadership the youth do not get jobs to do. "Obviously when leadership comes to play, you don't need that much time to deliver". He stated

"So like Akuffo Addo in Ghana, Buhari is also talking the same chuff. When we are asking that the government should fix the country Akuffo Addo is also speaking the same way that we should fix ourselves. How do we fix ourselves when it is government that leads the pace. And so I think that Akuffo Addo and his age group have lost touch with reality."

So they are unable to understand the agitations of the youth. And if they don't pay attention to the youth, they will one day wake up from the wrong side of the bed. He quits

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