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What Voltarian should do, to develop their land not asking for independent from Ghana. See reason

The people of the volta region of Ghana think the government are not doing anything for them in the volta region, such as roads, good hospital, schools, markets, creating jobs for the people there and so on.

It came to conclusions that ,they want to take independent from Ghana to form their own country and government which will make them develop their land and create more Jobs.

But think of this, what are they going to use to develop the land, if possible Ghana grant them as independent country. Will they borrow money to develop or use the natural resources to develop the land , if one of this will be the answer than I think we should take the natural resources that will be ok for them as they have minerals in the volta region.

The news that is running about is that in 1957 when Ghana take independent,Dr Kwame Nkrumah ask the volta chiefs to join them to take independent from the colony rules so they agree but one condition he will not get is ,he will not take any minerals or mine any minerals from the land and this law is still working up to now, the kings in the volta region don't want government to mine any minerals in their land not even the yourth that's why they are live in poverty.

I think the yourth should arise and let their Kings, elders and the stakeholders to resign the agreement and remove the banne from the land and let them mine the minerals to develop the land even Ashainti, central, eastern regy are doing the same

What do you think the kings and the stakeholders should do and bring peace to the people in the volta region,

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