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Renowned Prof. Kwaku Azar, ALLEGES Incompetence of Godfred Dame, As His Office Was Unaware Of This.

The word incompetence, may have well become a part of our political leadership in Ghana, thanks to Dr. Bawumia and Samira Bawumia's often use to describe the immediate past John Mahama's administration. So it comes as surprising, when same, is associated with the current leadership.

My dictionary gives a clearer understanding to the word: incompetence /ɪnˈkɒmpɪt(ə)ns/ MEANS "inability to do something successfully; ineptitude" and "allegations of professional incompetence"

Well, in a seeming twist, renowned Prof and Lawyer, Kwaku Azar, may have directly or indirectly make same allegations against the current 42year old Attorney General, Godfred Dame in a post on his Facebook page, followed by over 29,661 followers. In parts of the message, he writes that:

"Kudos to Randy Abbey for drawing the AG’s attention to the $15.3M galamsey judgment debt. And kudos to the AG for his candor in admitting that he was not aware of the debt and he will follow up on it, which he has done. .. How did judge Diawuo award $15.3M judgment debt, which but for the vigilance of Randy Abbey would have escaped the knowledge of the AG, without inspecting the writ of summons for the specific relief? Who defended the AG in the case and why did he fail to observe that the specific relief was not indorsed on the plaintiff’s writ of summons? Something does not smell right about this case.

1. Who defended the AG? 2. Who are the real plaintiffs? 3. Why the State failed to cross examine the plaintiff’s witnesses? ... 6. How a $15.3M judgment debt could be invisible to the AG, but for the intervention of Randy?

Da Yie!, he wrote.

Comments following his post, have included the following:

DK Kusi writes "The prosecutor who’s wife bigly benefited from Woyome’s cash no what happened to him s3f"

Richard Apau writes "Create loot and share brigade in full swing. From Judiciary to executives to Parliament, all corrupt brigades"

Shaban Adam writes "A country where no government appointee is responsible for any wrong doing, such is what happens."

Kwaku Agyemang Duah writes "Create ,something and something something"

Enoch Kofi Nyarkoh writes "But wouldn't the AG be served with the ruling of the court? Who represented the AG in court all along? That is the more reason why we sometimes have to wait and get full details before we take on officials and even create the impression that there is some shoddy deal by the government to give free monies to its people."

Amos Affedzie writes "This one looked like create, loot and share, from inside to outside. We thank the AG for following up. Next time he should be more vigilant when some people take the State on for judgement debt."

Henry K Abutu writes "This particular AG knows about SALL cases even when he was without govt appointment, he knows about Assin North but doesn’t know about a case that the State has to pay over $15million. Are we surprised???"

Akenge Charles writes "'We are not in normal time' this is the phrase they'll give to cover-up for their incompetence"

Veron Abdul Basit writes "Prof have you forgotten we’re now in the era of unaware and cluelessness? I come in peace "

Anuga Fortunate writes "Ghana's money is free money therefore it could be thrown away in this manner! No leadership , every official is busy looting what they can so how did you expect vigilance?"

Zachariah Peter writes "The entire government machinery is on auto pilot. Is the case the AG is sleeping on the job?"

Yaw Twumasi Ankrah writes "I recall a case in which the issue of filing fees arose Samson Anyenini was in that matter. The court of appeal dismissed it as being without merit. In any case, in the course of execution, if the registry records show that you did not pay the appropriate filing fee, same would be billed and charged on the entry of judgment which is required to be filed."

Nana-Yaw Supebere Esikyire writes "Senior please, so are not going to pay that judgement debt awarded to the plaintiff?"

Nananie Mensah writes "All your questions are summed as create, loot and share in its proper manifestation. 15 million dollars is no money for the AG and his 'appointers'. Ghana money."

Davis Ayitey writes "Where is the Ghana legal Council they should punish this judge lol"

Carlos Bansi Disin writes "How far with the Saglemi housing scandal? Let's put pressure on the government to expedite prosecution on that matter so that we can retrieve the money for the tax payer... That money is too huge ..this 15.3million too is very important, all should be retrieved."

Angela Owusu-Appiah writes "Another create loot and share is hanging...... politricktions are of the same parents"

Alex Corrousso writes "Kwaku Azar.. do not try to rewrite history. You and Randy Abbey used this judgement debt to malign and poo-poo the govts "burn-all-excavators-on-illegal-sites" directive as ill-conceived. You said, that would lead to multiple judgement debt against the state. Now that the judgement has been overturned, you shamelessly want to credit this same Randy Abbey with what????? Stop trying to re-write history, Mr disingenuous prof"

Kwaku Addai Tardieh writes "When I say the greatest heists, thievery and corruption are mostly choreographed, engineered and hatched by or with the connivance of non politicians/civil/public servants, people who have been trained to focus only one source of the sins get up in arms. I am not THE LEAST surprised. Your call for investigations is in order. CONNIVANCE smells so strongly , and an attempt to hide it from the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. But by who? Food for thought"

Alhajj Suleman writes "Actually, Kweku Baako was the first to mention this case on Randy's show before Randy did follow-up."

Hon King writes "Create, loot and share. Yenkyendi United"

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