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END TIME IS NEAR: See What a Pastor Was Caught Doing in Public That Got People Angry

In the viral video, the prophet said he carried the coffin out of obedience and spoke from the presidency to local government. According to what he heard in said video, all branches of government have become egotistical and selfish and for this reason, they are no longer doing what is expected of them.

There is no doubt that Africa as a continent is going through difficult times and many concerned Nigerians have voiced their complaints. However, in a viral video that surfaced online on social media, a prophet was seen on the streets carrying a wooden coffin as he spoke about Nigeria's issues. The prophet also spoke of the leaders of his nation.

Still according to his own words, he had been ordered to carry the coffin, walk the streets and talk about the leaders because what is intended for everyone is in the care of a few people. He also said that God was not happy with the bloodshed, hardship and insecurity that had become common throughout the country.

The prophet also made it clear that he was carrying the coffin on his head because God is not happy with Africa leadership and the bloodshed in all parts of the continent. He added, saying that the leaders of the country should listen to him because the wrath of God will soon descend on those who deprive others of the great resources available to the country.

The prophet advised without exception the leaders of the land to listen to his message and to make a new turn, or misfortune will strike and no one can get rid of it. After giving warnings that were not heard repeatedly, it will be Almighty God's worst wrath.

What's our society turning into? let's hear your own opinion too

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