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Netizens React, As Mahama's Darling, Kelvin Taylor Poses With Top Nana Addo Appointee, GUESS WHO?

In your candid opinion, an outspoken and vociferous communicator like Kelvin Taylor, will come no where close to any of the appointed leaders of H. E Nana Addo, come to think of them, full of happiness and obvious smile abi?

Again, many see Kelvin Taylor as hiding somewhere that he cannot be reached, far away from the view of people in power, as he hosts his broadcasts live from the USA almost weekly and creating viral contents for Ghanaians, as he lambast the Akuffo Addo led government.

But well, all these thoughts, I also held, happens to be untruth, as a viral post by the political and social issues commentator's page With All Due Respect - Loud Silence Media, has shared a picture of Kelvin Taylor in a smiling pose with Ken Ofori Atta, the finance Minister.

In his post, he jokingly wrote this, with this picture attached.

"I Don’t Want Peace....." #Focus

This surprising to many of his followers, as most recently, Kelvin Taylor in a spirited attack on the Finance Minister, had alleged that, the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Attah had diverted some billions of Ghana cedis into some unknown accounts.

Kelvin Taylor had therefore promised to expose the Akufo Addo led NPP government about some extravagant scandals which have been manipulated by the help of the president on his "Loud And Silence" Program, that beams on Free-To-Air satellite TV station in Ghana and on his Facebook page.

In this said allegation, as he always does, he stated emphatically that, the president is the mind behind all the infamous scandals that have been hitting the country since he took over office.

"The first part of the expose which took place yesterday also revealed how two NPP big wigs have combined with some Suntreso Police officers to hijack the special voting which is taking place today across the country," he said.

So this new post, with the words attached, clearly shows he is attracting attacks from his followers and the comments coming in thick and fast, have included the following:

Maeesha Islam writes "And we love vawulence as well....hehehehehehehe"

Abdul Samed Zakari Ade writes "Your dedication to mother Ghana will be fruitful In sha Allah"

ilsi-Naa Halilu writes "The voice of the voiceless. You are yielding results bro. May God continue to protect and guide you. Remember as you embark on this journey of putting Ghana on the right track, you are not alone in this. You always have the massive support of the youth of this country. Graciãs."

Anasi Mohamadu writes "So you want problem. May Allâh Continue to Bless you dear great man of the land"

Muhammad Shamsudeen Seeker writes "We are very much aware paaa."

Jacob Daniels writes "You guys looked alike"

Skylord Eben writes "Father and son"

Nasiru Atta writes "The hardest guy in town kelvin Taylor keep doing the great job u got our full support With All Due Respect - Loud Silence Media"

Abdulrazak Haidara writes "Indeed you prove you were number one party member. you only tackling them to govern well"

Ryz Brian writes "Versatile Kevin Taylor making his ranting's about good governance in Ghana, more clearer. He's dealt with current government apparatchiks, and very upset with their practice and insensitivity to the plight of Ghanaians, but amassing ill-gotten wealth in times of COVID-19 pandemic. If a president should in 24hrs, spend a whooping GH₵28m, when people need running water to drink and for COVID-19 protocols. Besides the absurdity of presidential spouses, elevation to cabinet minister status and abject disregard for constitutionality. Most Ghanaians are intelligent than the so-called men and women, in government today. Come to terms with reality and #FixTheCountry or further make the great NPP unpopular."

Oneman Lazio writes "Patriotic member Kelvin"

Elorm Goodtyms writes "Indeed u occurred as part Of de family."

Agypa Gold writes "We are making you the captain of keyboard warriors. Wop3 vawulence too much"

Florence Acheampong writes "I want problem"

Abena Adepa writes "And we the keyboard warriors, we dey your back"

Ekow Kum Mahama Mohammed writes "Eei padie wo y3 party Member ,!! any way you want them to govern well bcos things are falling apart."

Kweku Asamoah writes "Ken says it was just a one day show and that you are not actually a party member"

Augustus Augustus writes "1 falasinii detected with Kevin"

Kwesi Patrick writes "But Kevin Ekow Badu Taylor is a nice guy oo.. wow"

Samuel Wiafe writes "Be Careful of politicians never Follow them Keep Your Votes to yourself Never Use your thumb Again"

Bigot Owusu writes "Dix guy insult Prez left n right n u HV picture with Dix IAM disappointed on u"

Elizabeth Ama Yankah writes "You choose Vawulence every single day hahahaha"

Ben Yamoah writes "You are with the Ghana biggest problem since 2017"

Rapheal Paul M Cyril writes "Wash your hands well before you eat oo enemy bi enemy."

Content created and supplied by: MrsCelestial (via Opera News )

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