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African Leaders Are The Mastermind Behind The Sufferings Of The People.

The African Union suspends Burkina Faso, after another coup recently. Who cares, if democracy is the source of all corruption and oppression in Africa?

The US government hates military regimes in Africa, not because democracy is the best government for Africa but it prevents the US to commit crimes on the Black Continent.

The treasures on the Black Continent have become the curses for its countries before and after independence swept through Africa. The fathers of African independence who were able to stand toe to toe with European and American powers suffered for their braveness.

Nkrumah was overthrown with the help of America’s CIA, Patrice Lumumba was brutally assassinated, the latest assassination was on Muammar Qadaffi, as he planned to unite the whole continent with marketing and economic integration.

Western and American governments have no good plans for Africa because they want the Black Continent’s resources, that is the reason they support corrupt democratic governments in Africa, therefore, it’s mere hypocrisy for America or Europe to tell Africans democracy is the best.

Since democracy is the source of all corruption and oppression in Africa, the Francophone countries in Africa are beginning to liberate themselves and they will continue to do so as long as the common people are hungry?

After colonialism, democracy has done more harm to Africa than military governments. Is it not the same Democracy that is responsible for Ebola in Guinea before the military takes over? Since the military intervened to help the poor Guineans, has anyone heard of another Ebola occurrence in that country?

Before slavery and colonialism, the only disease Africans could resist but killed many of them and also the white people was malaria. Therefore, if you are an intelligent African, it is time to ask yourself where did HIV, Aids, Ebola, Nodding disease, Lassa fever, tuberculosis, Burkitt's lymphoma, Kaposis' sarcoma, etc; come from?

African leaders are responsible for the suffering of the people. Imagine a rich country like Ghana, with all the resources, including gold, diamond, bauxite, oil, cocoa, etc; yet there are no jobs and the people continue to wallow in abject poverty.

No democratic government cares about the suffering of Africans, they only give them loans which of course, they know the leaders will steal anyway. Yet, as soon as the military takes over to save the people, the US government is the first to criticize that military in Africa.

Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas, who was assigned by the president as Special Envoy of ECOWAS Heads of State and Governments to Guinea, is aware that the democracy in Africa is partial and biased.

Democracy doesn’t only promotes oppression in Africa, it also encourages corruption but sometimes speaks about it for the developed world to know that they are doing something about it. One of the reasons in 2018, when the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was in Ghana, she asked the president to do more in the fight against corruption.

There are African Union and ECOWAS but I need to tell Africans that these two organizations are not strong enough to criticize the West and American governments of sabotaging and manipulating the continent’s economy for their selfish gains, let alone to accuse the US government of being responsible for Ebola biological weapon in Africa.

I strongly believe that if African leaders will continue to support this corrupt and murderous democracy, there will be a time military regime will take over the entire Africa. That is when African leaders will begin to stop the looting of our resources by the West and the US governments to utilize our resources to help the people on the Black Continent.

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