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Ewes are the most intelligent tribe in Ghana. Check out why.

The Ewes are among the five main ethnic groups of Ghana. They occupied the Volta region of the present day Ghana. They speak the ewe language which belong to the Gbe family of languages.

The Ewes are believed to have migrated from Ketu in Nigeria and made an eastward journey to Benin and later to Notsie in Togo. In Notsie, they were ruled in oppression by the wicked King Agorkorli I who subjected them into heavy labour and killed their elders. To prevent them from escaping, he ordered for big wall to be build around the kingdom.

In order to escape the torture and oppressive rule, their men device an intelligent plan which can help them achieve their freedom;

*The first intelligent plan was that, they ordered their women to pour all their waste waters on the mud wall to soften it for them to break through easily. After some time, the walls became soft and they broke through it without wasting much time.

*The second intelligent plan which was carried out by the Ewes was that, after breaking through the walls, they walked backwards with their feet pointing to the direction where they are running from in order to prevent being trace or track down by their oppressive ruler.

After the escape, they split into three different groups and headed westward to the their present locations where they can be found today.

With this plan, the Ewes are considered to be the most intelligent tribe in Ghana.

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