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The Poorer Ghana Becomes, The Richer Ken Ofori Atta Becomes.

In this fourth republic, the government has experienced and recorded some cases of conflicts of interest where family members and relatives of Presidents and Vice Presidents get juicy appointments. Usually and technically, these appointed family members enjoy the normal remuneration that ordinary ministers or portfolios enjoy. Thus, Ghanaians usually give such people the benefits of the doubt. But here lies the case where then-candidate Nana Addo Dankwa condemned Mahama for practicing a family and friends government. Nana Addo further promised Ghanaians that no such cases of family and friends will be recorded in his government. Rather, the worse scene of conflict of interest has been seen in this government and this has been cited by many neutrals.

That one aside, a rather interesting linkage and relationship have been created between the wealth of Nana Addo's cousin who is in charge of the Finance Ministry, Ken Ofori Atta, and the wealth or generally, GDP of the nation. This interesting link was created or discoved by the former Parliamentary candidate for the AAK constituency, Felix Kwakye Ofosu. This can be a local Ghanaian economic law; "The more Ghana sinks into debt and becomes poorer, the more money Ken Ofori Atta makes".

Ideally, there should have been a positive relationship between the two variables, Ken Ofori Atta's wealth and Ghana's wealth. Because it will be understandable for Ken Ofori Atta to be rich simultaneously with an increase in the standard of living of Ghanaians and coupled with a decreased standard of living.

"The biggest problem facing Ghana now is the size of our public debt. The biggest beneficiary of our Public debt is the Finance Minister who is the President's cousin. He has made tons of millions of cedis from his company's role as transaction advisors for bond issuance", Felix Kwakye explained that "newly discovered Ghanaian economic law".

But the question is, which companies were also advisors to the Mahama administration for bond issuance?

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