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Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani says the Minister of Finance must take a personal decision to resign

A previous Chief of staff under the Kufour organization has required the renunciation of certain Ministers.

Kwadwo Mpiani is firm in his conviction the expressions of the Finance Minister before the public authority chose to look for the mediation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) make him unsuitable to go on with the job.

Talking on JoyNews, Mr. Mpiani said he is worried about the exhibition of a portion of the Ministers however demands a reshuffle is the sole privilege of the President.

Truly, on the off chance that I were the Finance Minister, from my expressions and what is been going on, I will simply be astonished and say thanks to him to such an extent. I think it best for me to relax for someone else to dominate. That will be my own choice.

Yet, I won't advise any President to drop the Finance Minister or any Minister that ought to be passed on to the President, he said on Thursday.

Mr. Mpiani noticed assuming he got the opportunity to prompt the President, he would request that he drop a few Ministers for their poor performance.

I accept in the event that you ask Ghanaians they will actually want to let you know that this Minister A or Minister B should go on the grounds that we don't see the viability of such a Minister. So it concerns me and I accept it is something which should be finished however is the Prerogative of the President, he added.

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