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Rare Pictures Of Kwame Nkrumah Having Fun.

Ghana’s first President has long died but his name comes up almost everyday for various reasons. Opinion of him varies but the greater forms of opinion seem to favor him and his legacy. Many people see him as a visionary and forward thinker considering what his intentions were and what he foresaw coming if Africans did not put their acts right.

For most of us who came into the world long after he died, our opinion of him is formed by mostly what we hear from grown ups who were probably young when Dr. Nkrumah was alive. For those who want to form an independent opinion of the man, they refer to research, in books and videos.

With regards videos, one common thing we see in video of Ghana’s first President was that of a very busy and serious person. He is mostly seen attending meetings, giving passionate and dramatic speeches or walking swiftly. This presented him as a workaholic who almost no time for other things.

We however came across a shot of the man surprisingly having fun just like a child would. He had a miniature aircraft in hand and he ran all the way to throw it so it could fly.

He was a human being after all.

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