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"Don't beat war drums" - Bawku residents urged

Feuding factions of the Bawku land and chieftaincy dispute are being urged to backdown from their hardline positions and stop beating the war drums.

There should be cool heads to allow for amicable settlement of the dispute.

The Dagombas and the Mamprusis are locked in a bitter conflict over who owns the land at Lukula and this is threatening the peace in the Bawku municipality.

This has led to the imposition of some stringent security measures – curfew and a ban on the wearing of smock.

Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Upper East Region have expressed worry about the development and they are called for negotiated settlement of the dispute.

They are suggesting that the national peace council steps in to broker the peace.

James Agalga, MP for Builsa North, noted that in the past the peace council had been very effective in its handling of similar disputes and it was never late for the council to intervene to help the feuding parties to smooth over their differences.

“We are appealing to all to resort to peaceful means in resolving the conflict in Bawku. There can never be winners or losers in an armed conflict.”

Mr. Agalga, who is the ranking member of the defense and interior committee of parliament, applauded the security agencies for their swift response and professionalism, which has helped to calm things in the municipality.

“We want to thank them for their efforts. The Regional Security Council (REGSEC) appears to have a handle on the matter and we would encourage them to continue to work very hard, bring the feuding factions together and resort to negotiations.”

The REGSEC says the ban on the wearing of smocks in Bawku is to prevent criminals and unscrupulous persons from concealing weapons in them to harm people.

A statement signed by Stephen Yakubu, the Regional Minister, said the measure was taken to stop criminals and unscrupulous elements from hiding arms and ammunition in the traditional dress to attack their opponents and innocent people.

This directive by the REGSEC is being rigidly enforced by the Municipal Security Committee (MUSEC).

Tension in the Lukula community threatened to boil over as the residents warned of a showdown with some armed Dagomba warriors who invaded the place.

The warriors were said to have accompanied a new chief installed in the community, who the residents have vowed never to recognize.

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