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Ghanaians Cry 'Our Money' at Nana Addo's Fleet of Cars in Convoy But Facebook Users Support His Move

We live in a world where one thing that seems not to be right in the eyes of others are justified by others. That has been how the world has been. That is why in life, everything seems to have its opposite counterpart. Life contrasts with death, health with sickness, joy with sadness and you can just name it.

When a scenario happens for the first time and it is new to the people, it either receives a lot of praise or backlashes depending on the type of situation. But when it happens for the second time, people tend to relate it to the first occurrence.

The president and other high officials in Ghana and across the world always travel in convoy but for some few exceptions. This, many believe is to protect the president as one may not know which car he actually is in.

A video has gone viral on the fleet of cars that has accompanied the president on his journey to the Oti Region of Ghana. In one of the videos, certain citizens could be heard shouting, our money, our money. Some section of Ghanaians claim that the number of cars in the convoy has exceeded its limit, but a check on social media reveals otherwise. Join me as we take a look at some of the reactions below.

As we have touched on earlier, certain citizens have decided to compare this convoy to that of the former president, John Mahama, claiming that he has done worse. Another Facebook user reacted that Ghanaians must not expect the president to use motorbikes as his convoy.

Most of the comments above seek to support the move of the president except that of Fuseini that talks about the level of poverty that has attacked people.

Dericks went at length to explain that it was to see the nature of roads so that they can be worked on.

If we have a lot of Ghanaians in support of the move, what do you think the future holds?



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