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Recent Opinion Poll Shows John Mahama Is Making Significant Gains Against Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

Still, in Dome Kwabenya, the recent opinion poll shows John Mahama making significant gains against Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia amongst the Ashanti-Akan ethnic group is now backed by 38% of the group in August compared to 10% in February 2022.

Breakdown of Ethnic votes from Dome Kwabenya for Dr. Bawumia up against John Mahama and Hon Kyeremanten against John Mahama hypothetical races by major ethnic groups between February and August 2022.

John Mahama however, lost grounds amongst Guans, Ewes, and Mole-Dagbani groups. Among Guans, John Mahama drops 7% to 75%, he drops 3% to 81% among Ewes, and 3% to 74% amongst the Mole-Dagbani group.

Dr. Bawumia made 8% gains among Mole-Dagbani to 26% but lost Ashanti-Akans by 21% to 59%, lost 6% among Ga-Adangbe, and unchanged among Guans and Ewes. 

In the case of Alan Kyeremanten, though he also lost grounds amongst the Ashanti-Akan group by 13%, he made gains against John Mahama amongst Guans, Ewes, and Mole-Dagbani groups. 25% improvement among Guans, 4% among Ewes, and 33% among the Mole-Dagbani group.

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