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It's Like Everything President Akufo Addo Does Is To Provoke Ghanaians - Bernard Mornah

The former Chairman of the PNC, Bernard Ambataayela Mornah, has indicated that it looks like everything President Akufo Addo does is to provoke Ghanaians.

Bernard Mornah made this statement on 'Good Morning Africa' on Pan Africa television this morning, 26th November 2021, when he took a swipe at President Akufo Addo for his alleged overspending of public resources on foreign travels.

According to Bernard Mornah, he has come to a painful conclusion that President Akufo Addo will go down as the most ineffective president this country has produced.

Bernard Mornah indicated that he is also getting the impression that the president himself knows that his tenure hasn't added to making Ghana what it should, and the president feels frustrated that he is unable to make any mark.

So probably, President Akufo Addo doesn't think that he should be president, but he is elected, and so he has to be the president.

"So, it's like everything the president does is just to provoke, and when you provoke, you expect an insurrection, and when there is an insurrection and you are disposed, you can then go and say that well, if I was allowed to do my term, the intentions that I have would have been manifested. This is the kind of feelings that I'm having about president Akufo Addo."

Bernard Mornah stated that when people come to President Akufo Addo to complain, their demands are more or less met with insults.

Chiefs hitherto that were quiet who came to President Akufo Addo to complain that they want schools that the state resources have been used to construct to be completed so that their children can attend have also been insulted and told to use their resources to complete it.

Bernard Mornah revealed that the people of Keta in recent times suffered one of the ravenous tidal waves, and as we speak, President Akufo Addo hasn't sent one word of commensuration to the affected families yet our president takes delight at tweeting anytime there is a disaster in other countries.

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