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Hear what Bawa has said about the Supreme Court Judge involved in Muntaka’s bribery allegation.

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The aftermath of 2020 elections, and the 2021 speakership elections has developed into a situation, where there is barely a day gone without any new story or press statements. 

The recent claim by the NDC’s Chief Whip, Honourable Muntaka Mubarak, that one of the Supreme Court judges tried to bribe an NDC female MP, with some benefits, if only she would vote for Honourable Mike Oquaye as a Speaker of Parliament, is generating into different stories every day.

Honourable Muntaka’s comment on January 10, 2021 has raised many concerns, and calls from the general public on Muntaka, to provide proves to his allegation. His comment has again called for an answer to the question…which of the NDC’s female MPs, was the judge trying to bribe, and also, which Supreme Court judges was Honourable Muntaka referring to. One of the NDC MPs has recently given some details to help the public get some clues to the answer.

Honourable Edward Abambire Bawa, (an NDC MP for Bongo), has recently given out some details about the alleged Supreme Court Judge, to help the public in their guess. Honourable Bawa, in his clues said the Judge who attempted to bribe an NDC MP to vote for Prof. Mike Oquaye, is not just a mere member of the Supreme Court, but a very prominent and highly-rated member of the bench, and that, he is a “very very very top Supreme Court Judge”.

The promise made by the alleged judge to the NDC’s female MP, included taking care of her children and giving her fuel from a filling station for the period of four years. But the MP rejected the offer, according to Honourable Muntaka.

What is the motive behind a Supreme Court Judge attempting to bribe a female NDC MP to vote for Prof Mike as the Speaker of Parliament?

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