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"You Are Right And We Don't Need It"- Ghanaians Reply Kevin Taylor

The Ghanaian US based investigative journalist, Kevin Taylor have has stated that Ghanaians Struggles for water as Akufo Addo allocates 521 million cedis for census and it’s difficult finding the right words to describe situations in Ghana, and Ghanaians have replied him that he is right to say that and most people have said that they don't need the housing and population census project which will kick start soon in the country.

Majority of Ghanaians have reacted to Kevin Taylor's post he made and said the amount of money the Government is going to spend on the population census can be used to solved some water problem in the country as water crisis is becoming a major problem across the country this year.

Some people thought that every house or location have GPS address without registration, and Government introduced Ghana card but why can't they get the census done without using the amount of money being mentioned and said Kevin Taylor is right to criticized the government on it.

"But let's face it; majority of Ghanaians voted him back in office. This tells me majority of Ghanaians needs to be educated on the reasons why they vote and why that ballot they cast for a candidate on voting day is extremely important. They need to read between the lines of a politician who is telling BS and one that is legit. And if a party has been in power for four years and has done nothing for the country to change the lives of its people or just some of the people outside of that party, then, there is no reason to award that party a second term. I don't know why these are hard to comprehend" someone expressed.

"What you're saying is true. I went to TTU to write PC AOGC aptitude test and I decided to check on my family at Abuesi in the Shama district. To my surprise, I got there and there is no water in the house. I ask why and my mother told me they have been struggling for water for the past three months and beyond in the district. Constituency represented by honorable Lawyer Abakah" someone tells Kevin Taylor.

"So who will show these so called leaders some level of sense? Will they stop insulting our intelligence? They rather deserve the curses that they are unflinching on Twene Jonas"

"A primary school in the north had their classrooms roof striped off as a result of rain and has forced these children out of school for 2 months yet some so called leaders defend such thievery in the name of census. God will punish them all".

After carefully studying what Ghanaians stated above, it seems Ghanaians understood that the housing and population census project is a constitutional mandate but as far as the country is suffering a lot during this pandemic, Government could have postponed the census and addressed some challenges in the country with the money they're going to spend on counting people across the country.

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