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The kind of American Visas available that you should know into details what fit best before applying

It's true some people just don't like traveling to other countries for survival but trust me, majority of Africans will love to travel abroad for survival as they see Africa's economy to be much more harder each and everyday.

Traveling to foreign Countres is not an easy as others may think considering the documents involved, I will never advice for anyone to chose the illegal way of migration as some people do because you may not be lucky. One may need to get hold of a Traveling Passport first before even think of anything else.

After passport comes to the Visa Application where the problem lies as many have been denied getting Visa. There is a saying that; "When a Man set out in search of a Lover and he does not get one, it means the person never go for his Size" which means there is a share to everyone in this life no matter where you come from, who you are and what you do.

You may denied access to a Visa if you did not actually goes for the type of Visa which best fit for what you are going to do out there. Let's get to know some types of American Visas and what they means so u know what to go for considering the motive behind your journey.

How to Choose the Right Visa

In order to increase your chances of securing a visa, you need to select the best one for your particular situation. Below are the most commonly used visas for work in the U.S.

1. H-1B

The H-1B visa is for skilled workers with an advanced educational degree and a history of management-level positions in their home country. However, it also covers some entertainment professionals, such as models.

Choosing an H-1B visa is ideal if you hope to live and work in the United States indefinitely.

2. H-2B

If your desire is to live in the States for only a short time, or else to get to America and explore your options for staying longer, look to the H-2B visa. It is for temporary or unskilled workers in non-agricultural positions.

Though the H-2B excludes agricultural workers, it can still be seasonal as the majority of employees in this category work in hospitality and tourism.

3. H-2A

For temporary agricultural work, apply for an H-2A visa. The U.S. has great need of people to help with planting, tending, and harvesting crops.

One perk of life on an H-2A visa is that your American employer is required to provide you with housing and meals, as well as transportation to and from the work site.

4 . L1

Another visa for skilled workers, and perhaps the easiest to attain if you meet certain qualifications, is the L1 or intracompany transfer visa. This program allows foreign workers at companies with an American branch to simply transfer to the States and stay with their current employer.

However, your role at the company must be at the level of executive or management in order to be eligible for an L1.

All that you have to understand is that, just ask yourself whether the kind of Visa you are applying for best fit what you are going to do.

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