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Lessons To Learn From The Guinea Situation, African Leaders

The current situation in neighboring Guinea is a sad one. Coup d’états are not a healthy phenomenon to the growth and development of our democratic principles and constitutionalism.

Quiet recently, we have witnessed two coups in Mali, an attempted coup d’état in Niger and the recent one with Guinea where the administration was taken over by the military.

We believes that much needs to be done to ensure that democratic principles are uphold in all African countries so as to prevent these occurrences. We must not lose sight of the fact that constitutionalism is without a doubt one of the key aspects of the modern-day democratic state which gives democracy legitimacy over its citizens and within the wider international community.

It is high time African leaders demonstrate commitment to constitutionalism to avoid some of these situations. It should be noted that coup d’états do not happen in a vacuum, there are undercurrents.

It is sad that some leaders continue to amend the constitution when it suits them, as well as the unconstitutional father-to-son successions like what we are witnessing in countries like Chad, Togo, Gabon, the DRC, Mauritius and other places.

We believe the time has come for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) which many political and security commentators believe have failed, to ensure its member states adhere to laid down conventions as well as reprimand those who flout them, to crack the whip.

We must also take the peer review mechanism where African leaders sit and speak to one another truthfully on the instability happening on the continent seriously and revive the spirit therein. Tempering with the constitution is a sad and growing testimony to the continuing bad governance of African countries.

 We have seen how several African countries are still struggling with constitutions and presidential term limits. ECOWAS and AU’s negligence on constitutional matters, especially presidential term limits, is now a cause for concern which is brewing these coup d’états.

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