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Are Our Leaders Blind? Can't They See That Country Is Drowning. Read More

The NPP leadership have really done their worst to this country. The nation is really drowning and yet our leaders come out and expect us to be comfortable with what is going on.

Earlier on, the Deputy Minister of Finance, John Ampontuah Kumah, came out to say that the Ghana cedi's performance in 2021 has been the best in the last 10 years. According to him, in 2021, the Ghana cedi depreciated against the Euro by 4.48 percent and against the Dollar by 3.63 percent which has been the best performance of the cedi in the last decade. However, that is not what we should be focusing on. The matter that should be addressed is that for the past ten years, the cedi has kept on depreciating against the cedi.

So the question that comes into mind is, why do our leaders keep destroying the foundation that our fore fathers and ancestors laid down for us? The cedi keeps on depreciating and what our leaders are focusing on is how slow we are drowning.

Secondly, the Vice president of the country, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, came out to say that the prices of goods such as rice, sugar, pharmaceuticals, cement and roofing sheets are expected to go up by at least 30% and the multiplicity of taxes and levies to take effect by end of January, 2022. He also made mention that interest rates are likely to go up again. After saying all this he wants us to believe that they will get the economy back on track.

The most shocking fact is that the Deputy Minister of Finance, John Kumah, came out to say that government will be borrowing heavily from the domestic market despite the country's enormous domestic debt of ¢178.1 billion in September, 2021, which represents 40.5 percent of GDP.

This is serious. Which leader can we put our trust in to fix the country?

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