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NPP Executive Race: John Boadu Shown the Exit Door Already?

His name is on the lips of almost every party functionary, not the least for the good reason. The reason though may be good news for his challengers in the NPP General Secretary position. John Boadu benefitted from the suspension of Kwabena Agyei Agyepong and eventually went ahead to win the Chief Executive position of the NPP after taking advantage of his adhoc position as the General Secretary.

John Boadu was appointed General Secretary by the NPP hierarchy to fill the void created by Kwabena Agyepong’s suspension. So in the real sense of the word, he competed for the position from the strength of a quasi-incumbent. He combined that temporal position with that of the National Secretary position which mandate, was conferred on him by the party.

Four-years on and many party faithful, seem to be finding John Boadu's posture quite repugnant. Some NPP parliamentary candidates till today, have an axe to grind with John Boadu for the role they claim, the General Secretary played in their abortive attempts at the NPP parliamentary nominations. Some of them who spoke to this writer on condition of anonymity claim John Boadu ensured that only his (John Boadu) favoured candidates won the parliamentary primaries.

In some instances, the aggrieved MP aspirants allege that John Boadu schemed for some of them to be disqualified. In the run-up to the NPP national executive primary, the aggrieved aspirants as well as other party members, some of who are potential delegates in the coming congress, have sworn to show John Boadu, the exit.

Others opined that John Boadu is becoming too powerful because he is a darling of the administration; to the extent that when his name was linked up in the galamsey scandal, no one was even prepared to listen to his accusers. He thus sees himself as untouchable, they claim. Some of his adversaries claim, the only way to get at him (John Boadu), is through the internal party elections; and they have sworn to silence him forever. Perhaps, just as the way some past executives of the party have been silenced.

It's also the contention of some others that John Boadu and his cabal of four have hijacked the party by way of their succession plan. The cabal, is said to be headed by Lord Commey, the operations officer at the Jubilee House with John Boadu, Sammy Awuku and Henry Nana Boakye as other members. John Boadu succeeds Lord Commey as the National Organiser; Sammy Awuku took over John Boadu’s previous position as Youth Organiser.

Then entered their protégé, Henry Nana Boakye. Nana Boakye takes over from Sammy Awuku as Youth Organiser; Awuku takes over John Boadu’s position as National Organiser and Boadu moves on to become the General Secretary of the NPP. Lord Commey is the lord of all he surveys. He is said to have voluntarily assumed the position of the operations director of the party; a post he extended to the presidency the moment Nana Addo was elected the President of the Republic.

It’s alleged that all the para-militia operating as security operatives are under the command of Lord Commey. Although, he is keeping his next move under wraps, this author can state on authority that Lord has his eyes set on the chairmanship position of the party. What is constituting a bother to him though, is the fact that the establishment is supporting Stephen Ntim, who has failed the NPP chairmanship position on three previous occasions. Could he be fourth time lucky?

Pro NPP newspapers have begun circling the names of Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia, Stephen Ntim, John Boadu and Nana Boakye as the "Darling Boys" of the establishment. The obvious manipulation by the presidency to get its surrogates in key party positions is irking many other contestants. They claim President Akufo Addo is eroding the democratic credentials of a party which forte since its formation in 1992, has been purely on democratic credentials.

They feel the only way to restore back NPP's democratic tenets is to resist the take-over of the NPP by John Boadu and his ilk. John Boadu's harshest critic, has been Musa Superior. Musah has sworn to get John Boadu out of the NPP national executive because it was through his incompetence and other party executives that the NPP lost as many as 32 MP seats in the 2020 elections, with the President ceding more than 500,000 votes to former President Mahama.

According to Musah, the “gang of four” being backed by the establishment, do not have the capacity to ensure that the NPP succeeds in its "Break the 8" agenda. In Musah’s opinion, the only way to realise the "Break the 8" dream is to ensure that they clean the executive plate very clean, with John Boadu as the first casualty.


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