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How Can A Whole Deputy Minister Come To The Studio Unprepared? – Felix Queries Egyapa Mercer

Felix Ofosu Kwakye, former Deputy Minister for Communications and Andrews Egyapa Mercer, MP for Sekondi and Deputy Minister of Energy clashed in the studios of Metro TV on Good Morning Ghana. The whole country is still in a state of shock after yesterday’s explosion in Apiate near Bogoso. So far information coming in has it that close to 20 people have died with over 50 sustaining injuries.

It’s been more than 12 hours after the incident and during a panel discussion, Felix Kwakye Ofosu raised issues about the scanty information that was trickling in. Earlier on even before Felix stepped in, a texter had sent a message to the host, Annie Ampofo asking why Andrew Egyapa Mercer looked unprepared to give information regarding the explosion.

This was further compounded when Felix raised credibility issues about Maxam, the mining service company. According to Felix, certain information could have been fetched easily and queried the no show from Egyapa Mercer. Felix noted that Maxam has credibility issues and explained that history has shown that the company had witnessed a blast somewhere last year and another years ago. Felix thus concluded that someone was sleeping on the job and had failed to monitor the said company over time.

Egyapa Mercer was however of the view that it has been a few hours the incident happened and besides the Ministry of Information and Police have issued press releases and as such he had nothing much to say. He noted that under the NDC accidents had happened and nobody had been blamed and so was surprised that Felix was playing politics with the explosion. 

Felix however rebutted saying that raising questions and questioning the scanty information available didn’t mean he was speaking against the government. He blasted Egyapa Mercer for coming into the studio unprepared because as a deputy minister Ghanaians were expecting much information from him. He added that this explosion was unfortunate and shouldn’t be mixed with political but then questions needs to be raised to avert future occurrences. 

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