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What you should know about politics

One topic of everyday discussion is politics. But the question is does most people know about the genesis of politics and where it originated from and the question of who is considered as a politician. Politics and it discussion has taken the centre stage of our conversation in recent times. Many people most at times refers to others as politicians but, according to Aristotle a Greek philosopher and the father of political science said ''man is a political animal'' that is any man who is not affected by politics is either a god or a beast. So according to him man in one way or the other is involved in political activities.

The word politics was derive from the Greek word polis meaning a city-state. This means politics originated from Greek. And was from that same word we had words like police, polite and policy. A city-state can be understood as a community of people .Politics does not only take place at the state level or supra-state level but manifest itself at the sub-state levels as well and even in private associations such as SRC, GNAT and others.

The selection of church, union president and other organisation leaders is all politics because politics is the ability to influence others and accept your ideas and since they differ in ideas is all politics. So every man is a political animal or a politician just that some are not partisan

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