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5 Times Kwame Nkrumah Escaped Death As People Tried To Kill Him

The first president of Ghana is known to have survived some few assassination attempts on his life. due to whatever reasons, he always seems to escape these attempts on his life. The several attempts on his life is as result of his political ideology which some people disagree with. These are some five attempts on the former presidents life of which he survived.


Mr Nkrumah's life was in danger early in 1956, before Ghana became independent when some people tried to kill him. A bomb exploded in his house in Accra while he was meeting with several government ministers. No one was injured.


Another attempt on his Life happened on 2nd August, 1962, Mr Nkrumah was injured when a grenade was thrown at him on Ghana's northern frontier near Upper Volta. Several persons in the crowd near him were killed.


On 9 September 1962 a little girl was killed and several people were injured when a bomb blast exploded in Kwame Nkrumah's official residence, in the capital city, Accra, Ghana. At the time of the attack, Nkrumah's official residence, Flagstaff House, was filled with close to 2000 guests who were celebrating Kwame Nkrumah's escape from a first assassination attempt in October. The attempt was blamed on a new anti-Nkrumah organisation, the Kumasi Command, as a result, many militants throughout the country were arrested in order to calm down the growing opposition against Kwame Nkrumah's government, which had rejected multiparty rule in favour of one party rule and "scientific socialism"


This failed assassination attempt happened on January 2, 1964, at about 1.15 pm as Nkrumah left his office at the Flagstaff House to the Christianborg Castle for lunch. Nkrumah was walking toward his car outside his office with two security guards – Dagarti, who was a British-trained professional police officer, and the other, who was provided by the president’s own party, Convention People’s Party (CPP). Suddenly, a shot rang out. It came from a policeman on guard at the Flagstaff House who had just been transferred to duty there. He would later be identified as Constable Ametewee. From a close range, Ametewee had shot at the president. The driver of the president’s car immediately disappeared. The CPP security guard hid behind the car while the President and Salifu dived for cover, according to a report.


On 6th March 1964 President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah at an Independence Day celebration at 1964 at Kulungugu in the Upper East Region of Ghana escaped another assassination attempt as flowers which contained a bomb was being presented to him by a girl. Elizabeth Asantewaa who was just 13 years as at that time had her leg amputated to prevent the spread of the impact of the bomb explosion so she could survive. The bomb attempt was targeted at Ghana’s first President but unfortunately blew up Elizabeth Asantewaa who lost her leg in the process .

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