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"Wonders Will Never End As A Popular Pastor Scout With A Coffin Claiming God Told Him To Do That

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Much has happened, this incident has occurred in Nigeria. Nigeria is in difficulty, but the people are created to respond to what they can find themselves in. There are no two ways of doing this. The majority of those who remain in the abject misery will probably blame the politicians for the suffering they are facing. Many individuals have expressed this problem in different ways, but it is still too well understood.

According to the article, since a Prophet has been found carrying a coffin on his head. Archbishop Benjamin Mustafa, General Director of the Resurrection Praise Ministry, was seen and scouted by people with a coffin. According to the Prophet, he only instructed God to speak about their leadership with the present government. God asked him to speak to the elders, how they deviated from their words for their own personal gain. He shared his disappointment. In addition, his coffin was like a prophet in the Old Testament and a symbol in his head.

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In fact, Africa is a loving place to be, more interesting and loving things popping out each blessed day. Do not be surprise because what happen it Ghana in Sekondi Takoradi will even shock you and make you laugh at the same time. Please expert the full story of the Ghana Pastor in my next article, please kindly share this one for.

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