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Old age Effect in Politics on the African continent

Elections in Africa has time and over again  been foiled with vote buying, thugs raiding polling centers, deflating and inflating figures, amongst other scandalous events.

Ideally, elections are won at the polling station but only when the custodians of power decide to play in a free and fair contest.

A survey has shown that over 80% of African Presidents are over 70 years of age and by default lack the modern ideology to rule the various countries per the millennial generation in the continent now.

The African shares the believe that old age comes with a rich wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience in handling pertinent issues but apparently the output of this African Leaders makes this analogy vague and far from reality.

Partisan politics in the continent has robbed even the youth who are expected to be energetic, conscious think tanks with the ability to vote based on output of leaders.

Politics in Africa has become a war of numbers determined by the religion and tribe of the candidates not necessarily what they can offer in the building of the state. This unfortunate incident has led to the collapse of the African continent in almost all fields aside politics.

Africa as a continent blessed by nature to have at its disposal every natural resources and reserves that can sustain and economically liberate the continent from any form of external dependence has rather been experiencing the direct opposite of that dream.

Many are of the view that most African leaders approach to governance has been very retrogressive and it appears their understanding and effort to ensure sustainability in the continents resources and reserves cannot be applauded.

The “political godfathers” in the scope of African politics have definitely succeeded in steering the continent into a loop with heightened safe haven for timidity, as such, instead of the African to seek accountability, they sit idle with high hopes of a celestial being descending gloriously to solve their problems.

Governance cannot be benchmarked by the age of an administrator but definitely, the African continent has demonstrated a rather negative impact of old age in that regard.

The African would have to make the right decision someday but until then the onus is renewed after every four years.

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