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The anti-LGBTQI bill debate gets hotter as a pastor storms the State House to fortify the MPs

The debate surrounding the anti-LGBTQI bill which is pending Parliamentary debate and approval or otherwise Intensifies by the time as new a twist emerges each day. With both traditional and social media platforms flooded with arguments thorn between upholding the cultural values of the country and protecting the rights of a minority of Ghanaians of are members of the LGBTQI Community, the pendulum swings more in favor of crusaders who are seeking to criminalize the acts.

 Though the Clergy comprising Christian and Muslim leaders have thrown their weight behind Honourable Sam Nartey George and other members of Parliament who are lead characters championing for the legislation to pass, Reverend Campbell of the Roman Catholic Church of Ghana view on the issue seems to suggest that, the act may be condemnable, the country should be cautious about how we treat those who are involved in it.

The Romantic Priest, in an interview with TV3, maintained that, though the act of homosexuals is sinful and should be condemned, we should not hate those who engage in it. "Homosexuals were created by God, hate their sins but don't hate them, he said.

In a related development, founder and leader of the God of The Father International Ministry, Reverend Isaac Shallpass stormed the State House to offer a powerful prayer in broad daylight to fortify the Parliamentarians spiritually to have the courage to go against all odds to pass the anti-LGBTQI bill. In a news report on TV3 News360, the man of God asserted that there is a lot of spiritual manipulation affecting the legislators. He, therefore, anointed the State House enclave to strengthen the MPs to take the right decision. This is a sign that there is a unanimous stance from churches in the country regarding the direction they want the country to go so long as activities of LGBTQI are concerned. 

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