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We Are Going To Make Sure Majority of These NDC MPs Lose Their Seats - Kelvin Taylor

The majority caucus in parliament have pulled the same the tactics used by the minority during the election of the Speaker of Parliament to also get their ministers designate who have been rejected by the minority members on the appointment committee to be approved by Majority votes in parliament yesterday through secret balloting. The outcome of the votes indicates that some of the NDC MPs voted for the the approval of the three persons rejected by their members on the appointment committee.

Kelvin Ekow Taylor on his 'With All Due Respect' program expressed his anger and disappointment in the NDC MPs for betraying their supporters and leader, John Dramani Mahama by voting to approve the three rejected ministers designate.

"to be very honest with you, the NDC MPs and that side of parliament is full of jokers. They are not ready to put this government on it's toes. They have become babies who are being baited by the majority side and I am personally disappointed in these NDC MPs in parliament.

To me, I believe some of the NDC MPs on the committee were compromised and they didn't have the interest of the country at heart.

They have disappointed their leader and every single individual who thought that, they are the group of MPs who could change things in parliament.

I will like to say this to Haruna Iddrisu and his group in parliament that, you are a disappointment and nobody will take you serious anymore until you prove to us that you are people we can rely on.

From today and the months to come, we are all going to try and make sure that majority of these NDC MPs Loose Their Seats in their constituencies. It is one of things we will make sure it happens, because it is looking like there are some people there who are not ready to work for the people and also listen to the grass roots.

What the NDC have allowed to happen in parliament today, there is no way the NPP will allow it to happen by their side because they know who they are dealing with.

The NDC parliamentarians being absent in parliament is ridiculous and it doesn't make sense. It is basically a stab in the back to the NDC party as a whole and nobody should take this NDC MPs serious when they come on radios and tv's and starts speaking big grammar and begin sounding patriotic.

It is my wish that come 2024, majority of them will loose their seats in parliament because they have disappointed Ghanaians big time.

They have caused this on themselves and people like us will make sure they are destroyed totally. So, from today it is about making sure the right things are done. It's not about party, it's not about individuals, it is about getting the right things done." - He said

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