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More Fire In Town As Nana Bee Lampoons Mahama On Manifesto Promises

Henry Nana Boakye, alias Nana Bee [the National Youth Organiser for the New Patriotic Party (NPP)] has turned the heat on former President John Mahama over promises he and his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) made in its 2020 Manifesto. Nana Bee describes the entire manifesto of the NDC as a ‘pack of deceit’ aimed at luring the Ghanaian people to endorse their rather ‘insensitive’ government for 2021. In a very infuriated tone, Nana Bee chastised the former president over his past record whiles in government. He recounted that the Ghanaians people had nothing but untold hardship, severing people from their jobs and livelihood.

Addressing the media today, Nana Bee argued that the people-centered manfesto which the NDC and its flagbearer touts so loudly, should be taken with a pinch of salt. He mentioned that Ghanaians need not be reminded of the ‘horrors’ they experienced in years past.

“Mr. Mahama and the NDC is notoriously known for putting their selfish interest ahead of the very needs of the people, including jobs. It is important to remind ourselves that the so called people-centered party led by Mr. Mahama superintended over the most insensitive government that visited untold hardships and excruciating pain on the people of Ghana," Nana Bee exclaimed.

According to him no amount of lip-serving and juicy manifesto promise would ever erode the pains and losses Ghanaians suffered under his administration. He mentioned that John Mahama has but proven to be insensitive and irresponsible to the woes of the people especially at the times when the he cause the country into economic recession and dumsor.

Likening the rather compassionate support rendered the current government to the people in this COVID-19 pandemic, Nana Bee argued that John Mahama only provoke frustrated and debt-ridden business and people to pay more for less.

He stated that tariffs were hiked to more than 200% over a three year period, and yet “the dumsor crisis never got resolved”

"Is this a people-centered person who is interested in a shared prosperity? Absolutely, no!" he exclaimed.

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