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Parade protest


We withdraw our support for you if this is what we get for choosing you- Npp top officials tell Nana

Top officials of the new patriotic party have sent a strong message to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This was after some lawlessness and certain improper decisions caused the lives of some good citizens of this land.

The citizens who need protection are being pursued and this is heartbreaking. The matters rising in the regular is either about someone getting killed or beaten by a police or army officer.

The killing and improper decision making in government has forced the people of Ejura and their top officials from the new patriotic party to react. These are officials of the Npp who had members of the Npp being part of the protest. They claim they, the Npp officials were fully aware of the protests and knew it was peaceful.

However, the issues of gunshots and killings that set in were things they never imagined that it would happen. And even though this happened, they have not heard of any positive word from the president looking at how the victims and families of the dead are suffering and are in pain. They claim they harmed no one and were only requesting for a change in things happening in the country.

We withdraw our support for you if this is what we get for choosing you- A sad and disappointed official who allegedly chairs the Npp youth in Ejura declared. He was disappointed and saddened and this led to the statement that ended with tears dropping down the cheeks of the affected and saddened.

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