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You Shared COVID-19 Funds With Party People- Minority Chief Whip Fires Akufo Addo

The Minority Chief Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim has rounded some accusations against the Akufo-Addo led government over how funds that were mobilised for COVID-19 have been spent. According to him, there is little show for in terms of accountability of how the millions of dollars that were given to the nation by donor agencies and others that were committed by the private sector. He alleged that the funds were.mainky shared among party people for the conduct of the 2020 election other than the intended activity.

The Minority Chief Whip added that it would be outrageous for the government to initiate any tax regime to mobilise funds, adding that it would compound the challenges already faxed by Ghanaians. He signaled that the President must be made to provide some answers to these critical issues abiut accountability, and not the "usual long talks".

"How and why will you propose to tax the Ghanaian when funds meant for COVID-19 were shared among party men during the election? These are the critical issues we are going to be raising and these are the critical issues we want them to be answering.

"Stop this COVID-19 and thing. It's just a shadow the government used to spend our resources," he said on Okay FM.

Hon. Ibrahim argued that there are millions of funds that the government will have to account for. He recounted that the demands by the Minority in Parliament last year to have the COVID-19 funds audited by the Auditor-General, Daniel Yao Domelevo is appropriate, "at least to clear any doubt about it".

"What did they use the $100 million for? What did they use the over $300million for? This is the right time for Domelevo has to be allowed to audit the government. He could have produced a good report on this."

He averred the Akufo Addo government is aversive towards independent constitutional bodies that would out it in check.

"The government has a credibility crisis because he finds it difficult to work independent constitutional bodies.

The Minority Chief Whip argued that unlike the John Mahama administration that saw the wisdom to utilize state resources and other funds to support local pharmaceutical companies to expand and provide the needed medical supplies to support the fight against Ebola, the current government has been engaged in wasteful ventures.

"President John Mahama used just less than $100 million to support the local pharmaceutical companies. it was just $45 million and was to build capacities for these companies to produce their medicines to satisfy the demand and even export. This was done on a non-partisan basis. So the excuse that the government has had to import medications, and all that won't wash."

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