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2022 Budget: Parliament ‘on fire’ as heated banter and contradictory views causes commotion

This is not the first time the Parliament House is having leaders or officials of state disagreeing and even fighting over contradictory opinions or views.

A few months ago, we witnessed the physical fights between the members of parliament for both the Ndc and the Npp.

This happened when the votes in parliament was meant to elect a speaker of parliament for the country.

Today on a debate between these same parties over the 2022 budget, we witnessed disagreements and lots of pandemonium over the budget.

The Npp staged to exist the premises after they sighted the general secretary of the national democratic congress present in parliament.

The communications director’s exit was demanded and this evolved into a heated and very intolerant scene between the two.

The finance minister pleaded with the house and requested for sometime to consult officials of government on the budget and certain decision making and this even worsened his case.

When the speaker of parliament asked that those in favor should stand up on their feet, the minority caucus sat and no one moved an inch.

When they were asked to stand if they were against the request, they were all seen on their feet and this was a scene to behold in our political values.

It seems these leaders are not ready to meet heads and ensure that the future of the country is not at stake here.

The desires of both parties seems to be standing in the way of the decision making and this might let us go a long way before achieving our set goals.

As it stands, the budget has been rejected by the minority caucus and that is because of the obvious issues that were faced in parliament between these two.

We are yet to find out what the next step is towards this rejection and what this parliament or government is going to do about this budget.

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