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Divorce Affair

Delete Agyapa from budget- The request of the minority that caused the parliamentary stand-off.

After the Friday 26th November 2021 parliamentary brouhaha, which led to the historic rejection of the 2022 budget, news came on Monday, yesterday, that, a compromise is likely to be reached as both parties of the house have given in to come concessions. 

Unfortunately, today, which presents the opportunity for the August house to bring to fruition the agreed compromise of yesterday, there seems to be a major policy decision in the budget that is likely to derail all the progress made. 

Deep sources within the third arm of government has hinted that, the only policy that has pulled breaks on going on with the business of the day, is the famous Agyapa royalties deal. 

It would be recalled that, the Agyapa deal, which ostensible is to collateralized future revenues of all the gold royalties of Ghana, was rejected violently last year. However, in the 2022 budget, the government has cleverly sneaked it in, and it looks like the minority have seems through the deceit and have called for it removal before they could talk. 

This source also indicates that, the controversial E-levy has been reduced to 1%. This, however, has still not excited the minority. 

Their beef, now, is for Agyapa to be deleted completely from the budget. The government side of the house is not willing to do so, hence the stand-off. 

Should things remain this way, as this credible source intimates, the 2022 budget shall remain rejected again after today. 

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