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Ghanaians Should not entertain these people, they are bad (opinion)

The ascent of Coronavirus cases in the nation is an extremely enormous matter we need to address and discover methods of limiting if as opposed to, squandering our valuable energy on a gathering of individuals called Gay's and Lesbian's. These individuals have never had a room in our country and could never have a room here to, since the day Ghana had freedom and corrected it's constitution. It offered rights to two individuals to wed yet was not explicit as it's been said, but rather in the correct sense it is a wrongdoing against God and a shame to mankind. Contrasting the race of creatures with people is an affront however the conduct of certain individuals called Gay's and Lesbian's are calling for such correlation. 

The creatures realm may be chuckling at us now, this is certifiably not a decent demonstration which ought to be engaged by Ghanaian's by any means. They should disgrace these individuals, in the general public any one discovered doing that ought to be detained or more awful executed. These individuals do move with awful news, shame, and reviles too. Permitting these individuals to live among our kids would be a terrible type of schooling to our wards. Ghanaian's need to battle back against this demonstration, on the grounds that an exceptionally regarded country like Ghana ought not endulge it self into these demonstrations since we are the eye of Africa.

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