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I Have Helped A Lot Of People Including That 'Outspoken MP' Kennedy Agyapong - Azumah Nelson

Azumah Nelson has said he assumed a key role in helping Kennedy Agyapong buy his first house in Ghana, Azumah Nelson said he helped the open MP to make sure about a rich home. Kennedy Agyapong had before lauded Azumah Nelson for helping him purchase his first house 

Sometimes It feels like you don’t belong anywhere. It just a feeling like no one can understand you. But then you remember that you have a friend. you honestly don’t know what would you do without a friend. Here and there It in every case difficult for you to meet new people. That is the reason you welcome a friend to such an extent. Some way or another you remain with a friend regardless, and that makes you so cheerful. Express thanks toward Legendary Ghanaian fighter Azumah Nelson for being the closest friend on the planet. 

Unbelievable Ghanaian fighter Azumah Nelson has affirmed reports that he assumed a key role in helping Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong procures his first house in Ghana. Kennedy Agyapong had before revealed that Azumah Nelson helped him to buy his first house in Ghana. 

But, in an interview on YFM, Azumah Nelson affirmed the report saying that Kennedy Agyapong isn't the just only the particular person he is not the only one he has helped

‘’I remember this; he is not the first person I have helped. Whatever I can do to make you happy, I will gladly do it. I will do my best to put a smile on your face,’’ Azumah Nelson stated 

Azumah said he takes to savor the experience of helping people and satisfying them. The "Boxing Professor" ruled for longer than 10 years as a titleholder in the WBC featherweight and super featherweight division.

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