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NDC Outlines Mahama Infrastructure Projects In Volta, Oti Region

 By Stephen Nani

The Oposition National Democratic Congress in a bit to discount the ascertion that President John Dramani Mahama did nothing during his tenure in the Volta Region, the Regional Branch of the party has outlined projects undertaken from 2012 to 2016.

The projects, spanning from Health, Education, Roads and other sectors. 

The following are projects and Achievements of President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC Volta and Oti Region


1. Akatsi District Hospital 

2. Brewaniase community clinic 

3. Adaklu District Health Directorate  

4. 4 Unit nurses quarters at Dakpa, Akatsi North District 

5. CHPS compound at Dzalele 

6. 8 Unit 2-bedroom staff bungalow at Akatsi District Hospital 

7. CHPS compound at Mafi Zongo 

8. CHPS compound at Anfoeta Zongo 

9. CHPS compound at Kissiflui 

10. 4 bedroom visiting Doctors bungalow at Hohoe Municipal 

11. CHPS compound at Lekanti 

12. Maternity ward at Ehi 

13. CHPS compound at Sovi 14. 2 bedroom semidetached nurses bungalow at Blekusu 15. Nurses quarters at Avetikope 

16. CHPS compound at Avetikope 

17. CHPS compound at Wonando 

18. CHPS compound at Chantai 

19. Nurses bungalow at Kete Krachi 

20. Hostel for midwifery training school at Kete Krachi 21. CHPS compound at Wakpor 

22. Doctors bungalow at ST. Joseph Nkwanta 

23. CHPS compound at Danyikpo kope 

24. CHPS compound at Benyiase 

25. Health center at Kpeve 

26. CHPS compound at Tsita 


1. University of Health and Allied Sciences- UHAS at Ho,Hohoe, 

2. Community Day Senior High School at Nkwanta 

3. Mafi Kumase SHS facility expansion 

4. Adidome SHS expansion 

5. Sokode Sec. Tech. expansion. 

6. Adaklu Community Day SHS 

7. Adaklu SHS 2 storey building boys dormitory 

8. Adaklu SHS girls dormitory   

9. Adaklu SHS 6 unit classroom block 

10. Adaklu E.P Primary 6 unit classroom block 

11. Girls dormitory at Ve SHS, Afadzato South 

12. 2 storey boys dormitory at Ve SHS 

13. Assembly/Dinning hall for Ve SHS

32.  Girls dormitory at Mafi Kumase SecTech 

33.  1-storey classroom block at Mafi Kumase SecTech 

34. 6 Unit classroom block at Fiekpe 

35. 18 Unit classroom block at Sokode Sec.Tech 

36.  3 bedroom staff  bungalow 

37.  Administration block at Taviefe SHS 

38. Girls dormitory at Tanyigbe SHS 

39. Senior Staff bungalow at UHAS 

40. Student hostel at UHAS 

41. 6 Unit classroom block at Klefe 

42. 4 Unit teachers bungalow at Kpedze 

43. Administration block and library at Akorme 

44. Boys dormitory at Akorme 

45. 18 Unit classroom block for French dept at Ameco 

46. 10 Unit classroom block at Anfoeta Technical Institute 

47. 12 Unit classroom block at Anfoeta 

48. Community Information Center at Hlefi 

49. Girls dormitory at Abutia SHS 

50.  8 flat bungalow for special school at Kledzo 

51.  Kitchen and dining for special school at Kledzo 

52.  10 Unit classrooms block at UHAS, Hohoe. 

53.  Administration block for disability school at Hohoe. 

54.  8 flat staff bungalow for disability school at Hohoe. 

55.  Early child development center at Franco demonstration school, Hohoe. 

56. Assembly hall at Franco, Hohoe. 

57. 4-storey 8 Unit tutors flat at Franco, Hohoe. 

58. 20 seater ICT centre at Gbi central RC boys school 

59. Girls dormitory at Baglo Ridge SecTech 

60. 6 Unit classroom block at Okadzakrom RC primary 

61. 4 Unit teachers quarters at Okadzakrom SecTech. 

62. Auditorium at Jasico, Jasikan; 

63. 6 Unit classroom block at Ahamanso RC Primary 

64. 6 Unit classroom block at Mempeasam Islamic primary 

65. 3 Unit classroom block at Dodi Papase RC primary 

66. 3 Unit classroom block at Suminati D/A primary school 

67. 6 Unit classroom block at Dodzi E.P primary 

68. Enhanced Community ICT center at Keta 

69. 2-Storey 12 Unit lecture hall at Keta Health Assistance School; 

70. 4 bedroom teachers quarters at Vodza RC primary school 

71. 3 Unit 18 classroom at Ketasco, Keta

72. 2-storey 12 Unit classroom block at Ketasco, Keta 

73. 2-storey boys dormitory at Ketabusco, Keta 

74. ICT center at Tegbui 

75. 3-storey 18 classroom block at Anseco, Anloga 

76. 2-storey girls dormitory at Afiadenyigba SHS 

77. 6 Unit classroom block at Afiadenyigba SHS 

78. 6 Unit classroom block at Tadzi 

79. Girls dormitory at Weta SHS 

80. 2 bedroom semidetached bungalow at Weta SHS

81.Yorkutikpo primary school at Mafi Yorkutikpo(Central Tongue)

81. 2-Storey girls dormitory at Three town SHS 

82. 2-storey girls dormitory at Agbozume SHS 

83. 6 Unit classroom block at Yeli Bato primary school 

84. 6 Unit classroom block at Adope L/A primary

85. ICT center at Bishop Herman College, Kpando 

86. 12 Unit classroom block at Bishop Herman College, Kpando 

87. Boys dormitory at Biheco Kpando 

88. 6 Unit classroom block at Sovie 

89. 500 capacity boys dormitory at Kpando SHS 

90. 500 capacity girls dormitory at Oti SecTech 

91. Administration block at Dambai SHS 

92. 4-storey Community Day senior high school at Chinderi 

93. 1-Storey 12 Unit classroom block at Krachi SecTech 

94. 6 Unit classroom block at Nkyenekyene 

95.  Teachers bungalow at Krachi SHS 

96.  Girls dormitory at Kpasa SHS 

97. Assembly Hall at Kpasa SHS 

98. Dining hall and kitchen at Kpasa SHS 

99. 300 capacity boys dormitory at Kpasa SHS 

100. 6 Unit classroom block at Tindzase 

101. 4-storey Community Day SHS at Nkwanta 

102. 6 Unit classroom block at Kechiebi 

103. 3 Unit classroom block at Abrubruwa 

104. 6 Unit classroom block at Botoku 

105. 2-storey 12 Unit classroom block at Vakpo Technical school 

106. 6 Unit classroom block at Anfoega 

107. 2-storey 400 beds girls dormitory at Anfoega 

108. 3 Unit classroom block at Anfoega Blenkor 

109. 2-Storey boys dormitory at St. Kizito Mefe 

110. 2-Storey girls dormitory at St. Kizito, Mefe 111. 2-Storey girls dormitory at Battor Aveyime Sec Tech 112. 12 Unit classroom block at Dorfor 

113. Administration block at Dorfor Sec Tech 

114. District Education Directorate at Kpeve 

115. 2 bedroom semidetached staff bungalow at South Dayi District 

116. Administration and ICT block at Tongor 

117. Girls dormitory at Tongor SHS 

118. 2-storey 12 Unit classroom block at Tongor SHS 

119. Female hostel at Peki colleges of  Education, Peki 

120. Science laboratory at St. Catherin Senior High School, Sogakope 

121. 12 Unit classroom block at St. Catherin Senior High School, Sogakope 

122. Girls dormitory at St. Catherin Senior High School, Sogakope 

123. 8 Unit 2-storey classroom block at Dabala Sec Tech 

124. 4 Unit classroom block at Dabala Sec Tech 

125. 9 Unit Classroom  complex at Vodza 

126. 2 bedroom 4 Unit   teachers bungalow at Jasikan 

127. Girls dormitory at Wovenu SHS

128. 4 Unit 2 bedroom semidetached teachers bungalow at Wovenu SHS

 129. 4 Unit staff bungalow at Three town SHS 


1. Ho Aerodrome @ Ho 

2. Asphalt roads in Ho, Keta, Denu, Kpando, Hohoe 

3. Eastern corridor road started. 

4. School buses and Pick-ups for Senior High Schools and selected office under GES 

5. Ho-Adidome road  

6. Dzogadze- Agbodrafor road 7. Ho – Fume road

8. Agbozume – Aflao road 

9. Kpando – Dambai road 

10. Krachi Buya road 

11. Eastern corridor road, Dodo Pepesu. 

12. 19 km road Dove-Aveyime


1. Ho Central Market 

2. Solar street lighting of Ho Municipality 

3. Five communities’ ( Adidome, Adaklu, Agotime, Ziope and Mafi Kumase) water project at Adidome 

4. Agotime-Ziope District Police headquarters at Kpetoe 

5. Agotime-Ziope Magistrate court at Kpetoe 

6.  Magistrate court at Dakpa, Akatsi North District 

7. 2-Storey 40-lockable stores at Akatsi North District 

8. Computer Laboratory at Kpeduhoe 

9. Adidome Market shed 

10. Abattoir at Sokode 11.  Land fill site at Akroful 

12.  3-storey Volta Regional market 

13.  2-Storey 20 Unit shops at Axoe, Ho 

14. 79 outboard motors for fisher folks at Keta 

15. Animal slaughter house at Keta market 

16. Multi-purpose shopping center at Anloga 

17. 20 Seater WC at Whuti 

18. 10 Unit lockable stores at Abor 

19. Fire station at Kpando 

20. Ketu North District Assembly hall at Dzodze 

21. District Assembly departmental building at Dzodze 

22. ICT center at Dzodze 

23.  24 seater WC at Aflao 

24. 28 lockable stores at Aflao 

25. Animal slaughter house at Aflao 

26. Police post at Kpando torkor 

27. Water storage facility at Kpando Torkor 

28. Water treatment plant at Kpando Todzi 

29. Municipal Agric directors bungalow at Kpando 

30. 20 Unit lockable stores at Kpando Market 

31. 45 capacity ICT center at Dambai 

32. Community center at Dambai 

33. Circuit court building at Dambai 

34. 10 seater WC at Kakraka 

35. Chinderi Police station at Chinderi 

36. Borae market shed at Borae 

37. Waiting lounge for passengers at Dambai lakeside 

38. Operation Gongong military camp at Krachi Municipality 

39. 3 bedroom DFO’s bungalow at Kpasa 

40. 6 Unit police barracks at Kpasa 

41. Magistrate court at Kpasa 

42. Market shed at Benyiase 43. Community Information center at Botoku 

44. Community Information center and post office at Aveme 

45. ICT center at Mefe 

46. T District Assembly complex at Battor Dugame 

47. Meat shop at Battor Aveyime 

48. Police station at Agave 

49. Police staff bungalow at Agave 

50. Sogakope community library @ Sogakope 

51.  Police station at Dutor

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