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Blast from the past: The ghost of these 2020 campaign messages is haunting the NPP.

The first to come to your mind, obviously, would be the price of fuel. This is a popular commodity, and an everyday need that has been used to campaign for many years within the political arena despite the agreement by all political parties that; fuel politics is dangerous

When you do propaganda with petrol, the prices will expose you, as some might put it, taking inspiration from Dr. Bawumia. 

In this year alone, petrol and petroleum product prices have been increased 9 times. Yes. 

The incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) used the increasing fuel prices to tag the erstwhile John Mahama government as insensitive. NPP did not take into consideration the justification of deregulation policy, which was introduced as a measure to do away with accumulation of debt through subsidy. 

The promise was clear, simple and unambiguous. Fuel price will be stable. 

But politicians are not shameful souls, otherwise, there should be a national apology by the government of the day for deceit and unfulfilled promise. 

Even after tasting the result between 2016 and 2020, a repeat was made, that, fuel will be cheap. 

Now, the prices of LPG and petrol is breaking the neck of the ordinary hustler on the street. The government is quiet. Only the usual cacophony excuses. 

Now, do not consider the above to be the most astonishing failed promised. There is the promise of the construction of an Airport and a Harbour in Cape Coast. 

This particular promise was written in black and white in the 2020 manifesto of the NPP, and was publicly announced by the vice President, Dr. Bawumia. 

The ridiculous aspect of this particular promise is that, it is not yet a failed promise, however, the NPP running away from it. 

The President, when asked about the Harbour, claimed he never promised a Harbour, but a landing site. 

The evidence on this is overwhelming. The video footage of the Vice President when he was announcing it to the people of Cape Coast, and the manifesto of the Party is being circulated on social media, causing embarrassment to the government. 

A typical example of how a promise can haunt its maker. The NPP is running away from its own shadows. 

Having said this, it is not known whether the government will suffer the repercussion of this in the next election. Only time will tell.

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