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Parade protest


Every citizen has rights to “lawful protest” -Denise Larbi

Every citizen has rights to “lawful protest” to things there are not happy with . Especially when they protest within the remits of the law !

The need now is on state institutions especially the Police service to ensure they use best practices to manage the protest !

Again , excesses during protest are to be expected, and managed properly !

If we are ready for democracy we should appreciate that the NDCs “protest” against media houses and the EC need not to make sense to you an NPP sympathizer or the Police Service , it only need to be lawful and in compliance with the Public Order Act

Inasmuch as I do not believe it’s the right way , we won’t countenance any form of police brutality on protestors! It’s a NO NO for some us ! 

That said , a word of caution to young folks who may want to protest ,during these times , my brothers and sisters , as you exercise your rights , use your head oooo , USE YOUR COMMON SENSE , do not be used , because no matter how the aftermath is damning to anyone , you will suffer the death or injury alone!

Like I said somewhere , nothing mysterious has happened , it’s just another day in our democratic process. There are no tensions anywhere , it’s only in the heads of some people , majority of people are in their homes and work places sharing funny videos on Facebook and WhatsApp, WE WON’T DIE FOR ANYONE!

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